Consulting Services

It is a known fact that most people who have computers do not know the full capabilities of the computer.  The setup and configuration of a new computer is easy with the disks provided, but did you know that:

At JCE we are constantly upgrading our knowledge of software and hardware so that this knowledge can be passed on to you the novice or you the long-time PC user.

Do you know what to do when your computer locks up or, heaven forbid, crashes totally?  How do you look for a virus?  Why won’t your sound come out of both speakers? Are you half or full duplex?  How can you use your computer like a telephone and take advantage of FREE long distance phone services?

JCE can answer all these questions and more.  We can show you how to get the most out of your old or new computer.  We can work 7 days a week and, if necessary, 24 hours of those days to get you up and running at the best and most knowledgeable pace possible for your business or personal computer system.

If you are having problems or need help with the following, contact JCE's consultant by email for more information:

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