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What's new in version 2.31  (5-16-05)

The major change is a fix where it was not possible to enter in the ID3 editor a small "q" !

What's new in version 2.30  (4-04-05)

New functions:

Drag and drop. Drag audio-files or folders from explorer to MP3-Library to import them.

Some basic file manager functions (copy, move and delete of audio-files).

Search for differences (to synchronize harddisk with backup CDs/DVDs).

Open database (M3L-file) only with selected items.

Batch removal of some errors in MP3s (space at beginning and end).

Save content of the RESULTS page to an M3L-file.


Option "Keep original file date" when editing ID3-tags.

Delete files on PC in "Synchronize".

Some functions are meanwhile a lot faster.

Some more small improvements I forgot about.


Under some conditions it could happen that MP3s copied from NJB to local harddisk accidentally got renamed to WAV. Fixed.


Text of what is new in Version 2.30 is coming soon!


The major change is switching over from JBDirect 2 to JBDirect 3.

New functions based on JBDirect 3:

· Support for Nomad II, see Nomad II Support.
· Multiple players can be connected at the same time.

Additional functions and improvements:

· The columns in FILES and RESULTS can now be rearranged with the mouse, also with data in.
· MP3-Library now remembers the last used path of file import.
· In the right window of "Quick Copy" the function "Copy info to FILES page" is now available (right mouse button). This let you read only a selected part of your NJB content.
· For file transfer between NJB and PC you can now set the options to "Replace always (only this session)", see NJB Transfer Settings.

· The list of MP3 analysis/fix in now sortable.
· The scale of the graph in MP3 analysis/fix does not more vanish on scrolling and there is now a display for position in the file.
· An additional frame in MP3 analysis/fix shows a bitrate bargraph.
· All windows with a grey background and the graph in MP3 analysis/fix can now be moved directly with the mouse.
· For filename generation the substitute character for illegal characters (/ \ * ? ...) can now be defined.

· Some more small improvements I forgot about.

MP3-Library Trapper-Software


What's new in version 2.00

A lot of things have changed between version 1.40 and 2.00:

The major change is switching over from Creative SDK to JBDirect (thanks to Alain for this superb SDK).

New functions based on JBDirect:

· Copying files from NJB to PC.
· Copying data files to and from the NJB.
· Playing songs and changing sound settings on the NJB.
· COMMENT, BITRATE and FILENAME info is now also available from the NJB.

Additional functions and improvements:

· "Quick Copy," a "Norton Commander" style window for copying audio- and data-files in both directions.
· Changing the order of playlists on the NJB (experimental).
· Replace existing tracks on NJB.
· Update tags on NJB with infos from files stored on PC.
· Support for Wave files.
· Synchronize works now in both directions.
· A lot of small improvements.


General Features of MP3 - Library

· Creating a catalogue of your MP3-files (*.mp3 and *.mp2) and WMA-files (*.wma).
· Display of all information of the ID3-tags in your files.
· Display of bit rate, frequency and MPEG-version.
· Checking MP3-files for variable bit rate (VBR).
· Scanning MP3-files for corrupt frames.
· Analyzing and fixing MP3-files.
· Search in files.
· Search for duplicate files.
· Statistical information about all files.

· Export of catalogue in a form easy to import to applications like Word, Excel ... for printing.
· Export of catalogue in HTML.

· Integrated ID3-tag editor for ID3-tags version 1 and 2.
· The ID3-tag editor can also be used in batch mode.

· Loading info of stored files on a Nomad Jukebox (D.A.P Jukebox).
· Copy audio- and data-files to and from a Nomad Jukebox.
· Changing tags directly on a Nomad Jukebox.

· Deleting files on a Nomad Jukebox.
· Accessing Playlists on a Nomad Jukebox.
· Playing songs on a Nomad Jukebox.
· Some more routines for a Nomad Jukebox.


Download: MP3 - Library 2.31 (850 KB)



Screen Shots
The images below are the most important features of MP3-Library
(WARNING: some of the images are very large. Please note the file size above each image before clicking on the thumbnail.)

File List Tab 1
(full-size img. 185k)

File List Tab 2
(full-size img. 238k)

NJB Player
(full-size img. 84k)

Play List
(full-size img. 80k)

Quick Copy Tab
(full-size img. 81k)

Settings Tab
(full-size img. 125k)

Stats Tab
(full-size img. 104k)

Synchronization Tab
(full-size img. 90k)

Tag Editor Tab
(full-size img. 124k)


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