for IPAQ H3100 and H3600 Series

 (PA840U / PA840E)


Last Updated 03/26/02


Q. What is the Stowaway keyboard?

A. The Targus Stowaway Portable Keyboard is the world's first full-size keyboard that fits in your pocket.  It allows you to type text into your IPAQ H3100, H3600 and H3700 Series anywhere - in a cab, airport lounge, a meeting, or in flight - then folds up instantly to the size of your hand-held computer.  You no longer have to rely on frustrating “handwriting recognition” software to enter data.  You can now type email, take notes and create faxes just as easily as you would with a full-size keyboard.

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Q. What handhelds will it work with?

A. The Targus Stowaway keyboard works with the IPAQ H3100, H3600 and H3700 Series Pocket PC product.  Other versions of the Stowaway are also available for the Handspring Visor, Sony Clie and HP Jornada.  Targus is also developing keyboards for other PDA's.  Please check our website periodically for updates regarding other Stowaway versions to come.  


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Q. What are the specifications?

A. Below are the features and specifications of the Targus Stowaway keyboard

¨   Compliance:   CE / FCC / VCCI / Austel
¨   Dimensions:  Closed = 3.6” x 5.1” x 0.8”

 Opened = 13.8” x 5.1” x 0.4”.

¨   Weight: 7.9 oz.
¨   Key Life:   5 million cycles
¨   Key Spacing:    19 mm horizontally and vertically
¨   Power Keyboard runs on power supplied by your IPAQ.  

Included power adapter allows you to charge your IPAQ while using the keyboard.


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Q. How do I install the keyboard driver?

Note: To get full functionality from your H3700 Series iPAQ you will need to install the updated drivers, available for download on our website at www.targus.com/support.

A. 1.       Attach your IPAQ to your cradle and synchronize to back up your files. 

2.       Insert the Stowaway software CD into your CD-ROM drive. Double-click the CD-ROM icon to open it. Note: If installation starts automatically then proceed to step 4.

3.       Double-click the setup.exe  file to run the installation program and prepare the Stowaway software for installation.

4.       A dialog box opens, click OK to install the driver. 

5.       If you are reinstalling or upgrading, click Yes to proceed with the reinstall/upgrade.

6.       When prompted choose to install the Targus Stowaway Keyboard in the default directory, click Yes.

7.       When the process is complete, a dialog box opens and asks to check if there are any additional steps to complete the installation.  Click OK

8.       The files will be copied to the IPAQ.  If the keyboard was previously installed on the IPAQ, tap OK when prompted to reinstall.

Note: After software setup is completed, you must perform a soft reset to initialize the stowaway software on the IPAQ and activate it.  On the IPAQ, locate the reset button on the bottom of the IPAQ on the right-hand side (it will look like a small hole). Use the stylus to click the button (your data "will not" be lost). Afterward, tap Start then select Stowaway Keyboard to activate the driver.

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Q. How much free memory does the keyboard need and how do I check the available memory? 

A. Make sure that your IPAQ has at least 80K of storage memory. To check available memory on your IPAQ, tap the Start bar on the top of the display, and select Settings. Tap the System tab, then Memory.  

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Q. How do I free up memory?

A. Tap the Start bar on the top of the display, and select Settings. Tap the System tab, then Memory.  You can use the slider bar to adjust how much memory is allocated to Storage, or tap Remove Programs at the bottom of the screen to free storage memory.

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 Q. How do I disable the keyboard driver?

A. Tap the Start bar on the top of the display, and select Stowaway.  Tap on the Enable Keyboard box to disable the keyboard.  The check mark will be removed from the box.

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Q. I travel often.  Can I use the keyboard on my lap?

A. Placing the keyboard on a firm flat surface offers the best results, because of the folding design.  However, you can use it on your  lap as long as the keyboard is supported with a magazine or book across its open expanse.

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Q. Fn+Windows does not simulate "tap and hold", why?

A. The User's Manual incorrectly states that Fn+Windows will bring up menu options, the same as "tap and hold".  This function is not available on the iPAQ Stowaway Keyboard.  You will need to use your stylus for this function.

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Q. What other keyboard functions are available in addition to typing text?

A.   If your application supports the use of Arrow keys, you can use the directional keys on the keyboard.  Otherwise, you  will need to use your stylus to navigate menus, since the operating system does not support cursor control. 

Num Lock key The numbers overlaid on the keyboard (designated in  brown)  are accessible by enabling the Num Lock setting. To enable/disable the Num Lock setting, press Fn + Caps Lock

Fn key The Fn key on the Stowaway keyboard enables additional key functions. All functions with blue lettering are accessible by pressing Fn + <key>.

OK key Many windows are closed using "OK" in the top-left corner of the display. Pressing Fn + Enter is equivalent to tapping OK in the application.

ESC key Some dialog boxes can be exited by pressing Fn + Tab for ESC.

Currency:  Additional currency signs are available.

Pressing Fn + p generates £ (the British Pound sign).

Pressing Fn + e generates (the Eurodollar sign).

Key repeats Hold down a key to make it repeat.

Today key Press the Today key to activate the  Today screen from your IPAQ.

Off key  Press Fn + Backspace to turn off your IPAQ. To turn it back on, you will need to press the Power button on your IPAQ.

Quick Launch keys The four custom keys on the right side of the keyboard (Inbox/Notes, Contacts/Word, Calendar/Excel, Tasks/Money) are preprogrammed shortcut keys to activate certain applications. These keys are programmable. For more information, see Function Keys.

Quick jump to Stowaway Keyboard software screen.  Press Fn + Space (small Space key). 

Clear keyboard from your IPAQ’s input screen.  Press Fn + Spacebar to increase the working area. For example, when you create a new document, your IPAQ’s input area is activated and consumes about 1/3 of your working area.  Pressing Fn + Spacebar closes the keyboard/stylus input area to provide a larger typing area.

Start a new file If the application supports it  (for example, in Notes), you can press Ctrl + N  to create a new document.

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Q. How do I access the extended character sets?

A. The extended character sets are not supported by this version of the Stowaway keyboard.  In order to access international characters, tap the "áü" symbol on the on-screen keyboard (Lower left next to "Ctl")

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Q. How do I remove the keyboard driver?

A. If you want to remove the Stowaway Keyboard software. Follow the steps below:

1. Tap Start, then select Settings.

2. Tap on the System tab and then Remove Programs.

3. The Targus Stowaway Keyboard will be listed in the Programs in Storage Memory list.

4. Tap Stowaway Keyboard, then tap Remove.

This removes the Stowaway Keyboard software from your IPAQ. To use the keyboard again, you will need to reinstall the Stowaway Portable Keyboard software.

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Q. Will my IPAQ’s battery drain faster because I am connected to the keyboard?

A. Since the keyboard only needs power while it is actually being used, the effect on the overall battery life in your IPAQ will be minimal.   A power adapter is also provided to charge your IPAQ while it is attached to the keyboard.

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Q. Can I still use the stylus while attached to the keyboard?

A. The Stowaway keyboard is not meant to replace all of your stylus functions.  Keep your stylus handy by putting it into the stylus well in the upper-right or upper-left corner of the Stowaway keyboard.

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Q. Keyboard driver is installed but the keyboard isn’t working at all or it isn’t working correctly.

A.  1.  Check to see that your IPAQ is charged (or plug in the AC Adapter into the keyboard.

        2. Make sure that the IPAQ is securely  connected to the keyboard. 

        3. Go to the Start menu and verify that the Stowaway Keyboard driver is present.

        4. Tap on Stowaway in the Start menu to go to the Stowaway screen & verify that the driver is enabled.

        5. Turn the power to the IPAQ off then back on.

        6 . Verify that the IPAQ was reset after loading the Stowaway driver: Locate the reset button on the bottom of the IPAQ on the right-hand side (it will look like a small hole). Use the stylus to click the button (your data "will not" be lost). Afterward, tap Start then select Stowaway Keyboard to activate the driver.

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Q. After using the keyboard, I can't sync with the serial cradle.

A. The Hotdock feature uses the serial port to enable the keyboard's "always on" feature.  To use with a serial cradle, you must uncheck HotDock in the Stowaway configuration screen.

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Q. Keys sometimes get "stuck" and won't stop repeating until I turn off the iPaq.

A. If the iPaq becomes loose or is dislodged while a key is pressed, the key may repeat until the iPaq is powered off.  A newer version of the driver will correct this.  To obtain the latest drivers, visit our web site (www.targus.com/support) and select PA840 from the product list.

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Q. When I hold down the <alt> key and press the first letter of a menu option, nothing happens. 

A. Although on your computer's keyboard, this would make a menu selection, in the Pocket PC, menu shortcuts are not supported by the operating system.  The Stowaway keyboard is not meant to replace all of your stylus functions.  Keep your stylus handy by putting it into the stylus well in the upper-right or upper-left corner.

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Q. I cannot select applications in the START menu using the arrow keys unless I am at the TODAY screen. Why? 

A. This unfortunately is a limitation of the Windows CE operating system. All other active programs are set to wait for keystrokes except the TODAY screen. This enables the START menu to be the active application on the TODAY screen allowing the arrow keys to work.

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Q. My IPAQ displays the "Owner Information" screen when I turn it on, yet when I press the application keys on the keyboard nothing seems to happen. Why? 

A. The applications are launching but are remaining hidden beneath the "Owner Information" screen. This happens when "Show information when device is turned on" is selected in the settings.   Pressing any  letter key  will remove the "Owner Information" screen and reveal the application that is currently launched. 

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Q. I have the HOTDOCK option selected, yet I cannot type after I sync the IPAQ with my computer and reattach it to the Stowaway. Doesn't the HOTDOCK option fix this? 

A. This is a limitation of the Windows CE operating system. ActiveSync makes use of the same port the Stowaway keyboard uses. The Stowaway driver must reinitialize itself after using ActiveSync. This can be easily done by turning off and turning back on the IPAQ while it is connected to the Stowaway keyboard. 

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Q. Can I attach / use my IPAQ with the Stowaway Keyboard while the Compact Flash sleeve is connected? 

A. Yes you can. The connection to the Stowaway will be a little more snug, but room has been left available to accommodate a CF sleeve connection while connected to the Stowaway Keyboard. 

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 Q. Will Targus offer other versions of the Stowaway to work with my Palm  or my Pocket PC handheld unit?

        A. Targus currently offers three versions of the Stowaway keyboard. For the Handspring Visor (PA800U), for the HP Jornada 540 series (PA820U)  and Compaq IPAQ H3100 and H3600 series (PA840U).  Targus will continue to develop other applications for the Stowaway technology.   Please check our website periodically for updates regarding other Stowaway versions to come.    

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Q. I lost the Stowaway CD. How can I get the driver?

      A. The driver is available online at www.targus.com/support.  If you are updating or reinstalling, make sure you remove the current keyboard driver on the IPAQ before installing the new one.  See the instructions above for removing the driver.

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Q. Technical Support - How do I get further assistance with my TARGUS Stowaway Keyboard?

A. Technical Support can be reached at www.targus.com/support or email: TechSupport@targus.com. 

Or by phone at  one of the numbers below:

North America:  8:00am to 6:00pm EST     1-(800) 283-6325 

 Europe: Monday through Friday, 8 AM (08: 00) to 6 PM  (18: 00) C. E. T.

Belgium + 32( 0) 02- 717- 2451

Denmark + 45( 0) 35- 25- 8751

France + 33( 0) 1- 64- 53- 9151

Germany + 49( 0) 21- 16- 579- 1151

Italy + 39( 0) 24- 827- 1151

Netherlands + 31( 0) 53- 484- 9470

Spain + 34( 0) 91- 745- 6221

Sweden + 46( 0) 8- 751- 4058

Switzerland + 41( 0) 1- 212- 0007

UK + 44( 0) 20- 7744- 0330

Eastern Europe and Others + 31( 0) 53- 484- 9479

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Q. Warranty - What is the warranty?

A. If the unit fails to operate as specified, contact Technical Support as indicated above.  Technical support will troubleshoot the failure and make arrangements if a replacement unit is needed.

WARRANTY:  Targus warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year. If this product is found to be defective within that time, Targus will repair or replace your product. This warranty does not cover damage from everyday wear and tear, or from transportation by a common carrier. 

Under no conditions is Targus liable for any of the following: loss or damage to a computer; loss of, or damage to, programs, records, or data; and consequential or incidental damages, even if Targus is informed of their possibility.

Warranty Registration is available at www.targus.com

NOTE: Targus does not warranty the product for misuse such as breaking when dropped.

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