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abcDB Application Data Base Program
AceBartender Application Cocktail Recipe
Applian Technologies Inc. Application Many Quality Applications and Games
ArtSSave Backup Application Backup Program
AtlasCE Application World Atlas
AutoRoute 2002 Application European Map Program
Birthday & Holiday Wrangler Application Today Plug-in to Display Birthdays and Holidays
BitweenRemote Control Desktop Application Remote Control your Desktop from the PPC
CalliGrapher Application Handwriting Recognition
Cash Organizer 2001 3.55 12-05 Application Quicken Compatible Money Organizer
CEDOS Application DOS for CE Machines
City Time Application World Clock
CNetX Flash Format & HandyZIP Application CF Card Format Program And ZIP Program
CorrectTime Application Correct Appointments between different time zones
Currency Pack & Video Poker Application Currency Converter & Video Poker
Currency Pack UPD Application Currency Converter daily Update
DB HanDBase Application Data Base Program
DBdb2Hand Application Data Base Program
DBpocketDB-1 Application Data Base Program
DialUpMaster Application Configure several Dial Up Connections
Resco File Explorer Application File Explorer
Flight & DiveLogCE Application Data Base Program for Dive and Flight Log
Flight Software Application Aviation Mapping Program
HPC dbExplorer Application Program to access the PPC Internal DB's
HPC NetProfile Application Configure Network Connections
HPC Translate Application Language Translation Program
Ink Spot CE Application News Reader
Insignia Solutions Java Application Java Runtime
KSE Software Application Several Applications
LandWare Pocket Quicken Application Future PPC Quicken
Mapopolis Application Map Program
Metro Application Subway Nets Around The World
MSPocket Streets Map Application Mapping Program / GPS
MSPortrait Application  
MSWindows Media Encoder Application  
Net Explorer Application Network Browser
Network MP3 Player Application MP3 Network Player
Nyditot Virt. Display Application Great Program for Switching to different Resolutions and Landscape Mode
Pocket Barcode Application Barcode Generating Program
Pocket Controller Pro Application  
Pocket DataBase 4.1 Application  
Pocket DivX Player Application DivX Player to play converted DVD's
Pocket Launcher Application Program Launcher
PocketPC Developer Network Developers The leading web resource for Pocket PC developers (eVC++)
Pocket Universe 2000 Application  
PocketDOS Application DOS Emulator
pTravelAlarm Application Alarm Program
TV Remote Ctrl.  Application TV Remote Control
RegEdit Application Registry Editor
RegKing & CF2Desktop Application Registry Tweaks & CF Card Backup To Desktop
Resco Home Page Application Several Programs
Route Planner Application US & European Route Planner Page 1
Route Planner 1 Application US & European Route Planner Page 2
Route Planner Add-ons Application Route Planner Add-ons
Smartphone Developer Network Developers The only website for Smartphone developers now
SPB Software House Application PocketPC Software Company
StarTap+ Application Launcher Program
TomTom CityMaps Application European Maps / GPS
Translators Application Language Translation Program
TV Listing Application TV Guid Listings
TV Remote Ctrl.  Application TV Remote Control
TV Remote Ctrl. Application TV Remote Control
UnitConv & Periodic Application Unit Converter and Periodic Table
ViekaPocketExplorer 3.4 Application File Explorer
Virtual CE & IRDAsh Application File Transfer Program
Voice LookUp Application Voice Recognition
WIS Bar Application Today Plug-in
XTCE Dos Emulator Application DOS Emulator
XTCE Down & Reg Application DOS Emulator Download & Registration
ZapItTaskManFormat Flash Application Quick "Close Application" Solution
AT&T Dialer Comm / I-Net AT&T Global Dialer
ICQ®  1.0 Alpha Built 11 Comm / I-Net ICQ for PocketPC 2002
JabberCE Comm / I-Net Chat Client ( Works with AIM / ICQ / Yahoo / MSN Messenger )
MultiIE Comm / I-Net Open Multiple Windows of IE
nPOP Client Comm / I-Net E-Mail Program
AnyWerx Backgammon Games  
BFM Casino Games  
Game4 Games Games  
GameBag 1 Games  
GNU Go Games  
Lemmings Games  
King Sol Solitaire Games Games  
Marbles Games  
Miniature Golf Games  
NooseHangman Games  
Peter's GameBox Games  
Pocket Hustler & Snooker Games  
PocketPop 1.3 Games  
Random Software Games Excellent PC & PPC Games and Applications - many free
Reckless Thief Games  
RocketElite Games  
SockOut Games  
Thieves and Kings Games  
ZIO Soft Games  

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