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All files are virus checked! Download and install at your own risk!
Older Firmware is available upon request -


Jumping Cholla Enterprises, Inc (JCE) has set up a news server dedicated to the Creative Labs
MP3-Player series. The new news server is located at:

and can be accessed via any popular news reader as well as text-based readers.
Full access should be available from 1-26-2005 on. Hope to see you there!


ZEN Touch & NJB1 sections now divided!

Due to the addition of my new ZEN Touch, I have made two new pages, each one dedicated to the player.
If you have some useful information, please send me an e-mail and I will put it on this website.

ZEN Touch NJB 1

Go here for more info

Go here for more info


Below is a selection of NJB, ZEN & MP3 utilities:
For registration or support please visit the author's website.

All files are virus checked! Download and install at your own risk!

Program Short Description Share or Freeware Price (U.S.$) Website

Notmad Explorer Trial

(latest version)

For Release Info, Install, Help & FAQ

Click here

Shareware varies Red Chair Software website
NomadSync 0.2 Synchronize MP3's from your desktop to your NJB1, NJB3, ZEN series, etc. Free n/a

Screen Replacement
Guide on how to replace an LCD screen on a Creative NJB Free n/a here

NJB Print Converter 1.04

Converts NJB content into printable form (.TXT or .HTM)

Free n/a here

MP3-Library 2.31

Catalogize, Re-Tag and check MP3's, Includes NJB Print Converter abilities and direct NJB tagging access, File Transfer to NJB, Nomad II and Synchronize Feature as well as saving and restoring play lists Free n/a here

MP3 Utility 1.72

MP3 File Checker, new updated version. A must Free n/a

Release 10b3

(Attention - Complete Suite with Add-ons is 23 MB)

Audio Converter for many different formats / Volume normalization.

NOW,  WMA9 & MP3 Pro support


PowerPack R3 add-on is Shareware



LAME .dll v 2.94
New version of LAME Encoder for use with several encoders incl. dBpowerAMP Free n/a n/a

MP3-Gain 1.2.1
Volume normalizing & adjusting tool for mp3s. Free n/a

ASPI Layer 4.70 & Check

ASPI Install Document

If PlayCenter cannot detect your CD-ROM drive, you might need this file to correct your problem. Works in Win 98 and W2k. Free n/a


MP3 Fixer  0.4.2

Utility to Fix MP3 Files in Windows & now also in Unix Free n/a
MP3 Trim 1.7 MP3 Volume Trimmer Free n/a
Wave Trim 1.58 WAV Volume Trimmer Free n/a

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Great NJB Links:

ZEN Hard Drive Upgrade

(A very good, comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to do a HDD upgrade on your ZEN). NOT for ZEN Touch !!

Headphones :  
Shure E3c (Superior earbud's. Kind of pricy, but well worth)
SONY MDR-EX70LP (Probably one of the best ear buds I've ever owned in it's price range. Superior sound, great comfort)
SONY MDR-E888LP (Another great product from Sony. Excellent sound)
30db Sealed Earphone (Modified Koss earphones)
Websites :  
StainlessSteelRat.Net (Excellent Site for MP3 and Nomad related topics)
NOMADNESS.NET (Thickey's Nomad site. A must to go!)
Creative Labs® (Drivers, PlayCenter, Accessories)
NJB Carrying Cases (Creative Labs® Nomad JukeBox cases. Look for the "Leatherskin."  AWESOME!)
MAHA 2300mA  NiMH Batteries & Charger (NEW MAHA 2300mA NMHI batteries, much better than the original "Blue 1800mA")
Audio Converter 3.0 (Convert ANY size of MP3 files to WMA)
Nomad JukeBox USB (Very interesting site about NJB and USB)
Another Speaker Solution For Your NJB  
Hard Drive Adapter (Once you've upgraded to 20 Gig, you can use your old JukeBox HD in your Desktop Computer)
Microphones (Microphones that can be used with the JukeBox)
Boostaroo Amplifier (Increases the volume and gives you the possibility to add up to 3 headphones)
AirHead Amplifier (Better and more expensive alternative to the Boostaroo Amp)

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