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Jumping Cholla Enterprises, Inc ( JCE ) has setup a news server dedicated to the Creative Labs MP3-Player series. The new news server is located at :


and can be accessed via any popular news reader as well as text based readers. Full access should be available from 1-26-2005 on. Hope to see you there.


NJB1 Solutions



Drivers Other Software
NJB1 Firmware 2.96 NJB1 Stand-alone Drivers
(NJB1 Stand-alone driver for Win 9.x / ME / 2000 / XP)

Organizing Your MP3s

JCE has put together instructions on how to organize your MP3s. This is Tom's preferred method of organizing and checking your MP3s. Click here to download the 124k Word document.

NJB1 Firmware 4.01I & 2.98I Dual Beta   MP3-Library 2.31


NJB Car Adapter Issue:

There are many ways to connect your NJB in your car.  Some are more expensive, some seem to be safer than others. For the last 6 months I've been successfully using the setup below:

Radio Shack® 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter   #270-1558


Yellow Adaptaplug "C"   #273-1706

The Cigarette Lighter Plug has an internal fuse (I believe 2.5 Amp, Regular) which I changed to a 2.0 Amp Fast Break fuse. My NJB is charging the NiMH and is running on the car battery just fine.

WARNING: I don't give you any guarantee that this works for you - this is just how I run my NJB in the car!


NJB 1 Volume Increase

This procedure will walk you through the steps needed to increase the volume on your NJB 1. Click here for details.


NJB 1 Blue LED Display

This procedure will walk you through the steps needed to convert the green display to a blue one on your NJB 1. Click here for details.

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